Sri Sri Durga Puja from 16th to 19th October 2018

Welcome to Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, Mysore

Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Mysuru was established on 11th June 1925 by Swami Siddheswarananda an initiated disciple of Swami Brahmananda. In 1932 the Maharaja of Mysore made a grant which enabled construction of a small building and for holding a Vedanta study circle for Swamis. Many reputed scholars took classes for Monks and Brahmacharis who came from various centres of the Ramakrishna Order. All our stalwart monks were studying in this Mysore study circle. The Mysore study circle was in a way the nucleus of the now well established Training Centre for the monastic probationers in Belur Math. The literary colossus of Karnataka, K.V Puttappa (Kuvempu) had his initial training in Mysore Ashrama during his student days, and he had his spiritual initiation from Swami Shivananda, a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna. Swami Ranganathanandaji Maharaj the 13th president of the Ramakrishna Order joined the order in Mysore and had his initial training for 9 years.

Ashrama Timings:

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Daily 5 am to 12 noon and 3.30 pm to 8.30pm, Magalarati: 5am, Chanting : 7am, Puja :9am, Eveing Arati: 7pm – 7.45pm
9 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 6.00 (Sunday holiday)
9 am to 12 noon and 4 pm to 6.30pm; Saturday & Sunday up to 7.30 pm (Closed on Monday morning)