Swachcha Mysuru Swastha Jivana

Spiritual Activities

Ideals: Work as worship, potential divinity of the soul, and harmony of religions are three of the noteworthy ideals on which these two organizations are based.

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Educational Activities

For over a century the Ramakrishna Math and Mission have put Swami Vivekananda's visionary ideas on education into practice. Today these twin organizations run over 600 educational institutions across India.

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Welfare Activities

Swami Vivekananda coined the term daridra-narayana, God in the form of the poor, and asked us to serve Him: ‘Where should you go to seek God—are not all the poor, the miserable, the weak, Gods? Why not worship them first?’ This concept of ‘service as worship’ defines the outlook of the Ramakri­shna Order in all its social-service undertakings.

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